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Always Upper Elementary


Let’s be honest. . . As teachers, we are constantly short on time! Therefore, my goal is to provide you with effective resources that  are easy to implement and ready to use right away! That way, you can spend your time on what matters most--your students!

My goal for this space is to inspire other educators with effective strategies, practical tips, and easy-to-implement resources. Enjoy! :)

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My Story

In third grade, I transformed my childhood bedroom into a classroom because I wanted to play school with my family and friends whenever I had the chance. I created seating charts, developed lesson plans and worksheets, organized supplies, and even received an overhead projector one year for my birthday! I have always felt a pull within me to make a positive impact on young people’s lives and help others around me.


My desire to become a teacher led me to pursue my Bachelor’s degree in Elementary Education. Later on, my love for teaching led me to pursue my Master’s degree in Elementary Ed., specifically in Differentiated Instruction. Now my dream of becoming a teacher has become my everyday reality!

Child pretending to be a teacher and pointing to a whiteboard to teach her elementary students.
Elementary education picture books on a stool with a red apple on top. Classroom decor.

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