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100 Ways to Build Relationships with Your Students

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

In education, we always say that building relationships with our students is so

important. But what are tangible ways of doing that? How can we actually build solid

relationships with our students?

As I was considering these questions, I decided to put together a list of 100 ways to build relationships with students. My hope is that this list gives you some new, fresh ways for you to connect with your students.

  1. Have lunch together

  2. Be genuine

  3. Learn about their cultures

  4. Teach them about yours

  5. Learn words and phrases of the languages they speak

  6. Be honest

  7. Tell them your story

  8. Share your life experiences

  9. Go to their sports games or activities

  10. Always say good morning

  11. Always say goodbye

  12. Hold a morning meeting

  13. Provide time for kids to share

  14. Be authentic

  15. Ask them questions

  16. Be supportive

  17. Find things to love about every kid

  18. Give praise

  19. Shower them with positive reinforcement

  20. Say, “I care about you”

  21. Say “I love you”

  22. Advocate for them

  23. Find resources to get them food, clothes, or whatever they need

  24. Give snacks

  25. Provide a safe space

  26. Accept them for who they are

  27. Give high fives, knucks, & hugs

  28. Always check in

  29. Ask about their weekend

  30. Ask about their family

  31. Ask questions

  32. Make time for them

  33. Make jokes

  34. Talk about current events

  35. Teach SEL

  36. Develop a risk-tolerant environment

  37. Repair harm when it happens

  38. Look them in the eyes

  39. Share your emotions

  40. Let them share their feelings

  41. Show up to the concerts & recitals

  42. Be extra encouraging

  43. Be consistent

  44. Be reliable

  45. Show up when you say you will

  46. Do home visits

  47. Use CRT

  48. Send home positive emails

  49. Learn about their home lives

  50. Show that you care

  51. Let them teach you things they know

  52. Let them show you what they are good at

  53. Validate them

  54. Give affirmation

  55. Say, “you are loved”

  56. Tell them why they are special

  57. Say, “you matter”

  58. Encourage self-expression

  59. Help them feel valued

  60. Express yourself

  61. Let the little things go

  62. Make sure they get breakfast

  63. Show that you understand

  64. Truly listen

  65. Hear all sides of the story

  66. Smile

  67. Wave

  68. Support them, even when mistakes are made

  69. Be their biggest cheerleader

  70. Make your love unconditional

  71. Stay connected, even after years have passed

  72. Be a trusted adult

  73. Celebrate their successes

  74. Get their names & pronouns right

  75. Show them grace

  76. Be understanding

  77. Cut them a little slack when they need it

  78. Make them laugh

  79. Make them smile

  80. Share stories from your life

  81. Be patient

  82. Make them feel seen

  83. Make them feel heard

  84. Make them feel comfortable

  85. Offer your help

  86. Ask what they need

  87. Boost their self confidence

  88. Play games together

  89. Stay up to date on pop culture

  90. Follow their favorite sports teams

  91. Invite them to help you with a special project

  92. Find things you have in common

  93. Go on a field trip (and chat with them on the bus!)

  94. Play & do activities during indoor recess

  95. Say, “I missed you!” after being absent

  96. Share pictures and videos

  97. Participate in restorative circles

  98. Notice their strengths and talents

  99. Connect with the people they love & care about

  100. Give them an abundance of love

What else would you add to this list? Let me know what you think by sending me a message over on Instagram @always.upper.elementary or tagging me in your posts! I would love to hear your favorite ways to build relationships with your students! :)

Also, make sure to follow me on Teachers Pay Teachers at this link! You will be the first to know about my sales, freebies, and newest products.

Happy teaching!


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